BasicSuited to most small clubs, which need not care about flight or class planning.

User friendly

No special computer skills required.

Cloud based

Your information is safe and always accessible. No need to invest on IT infrastructure.

Minimum data entry

When a flight is entered, the same data updates the pilot and aircraft log-books, pilot balance and aircraft maintenance times.


It automatically maintains pilot balance accounts just by entering the flights performed.

Accessible from anywhere

Users can access ATO Explorer from any smartphone, incuding iPhone, using the web browser.

Log books

All pilot and aircraft flights are logged, and are always accessible to users

Pilots and aircrafts

It maintains pilot, professor, pupil, instructor and aircraft records up to date.

Aircraft maintenance

Automatic control of aircraft inspections, which can be based in aircraft flown hours or any of its parts.


It warns when club, pilot or aircraft documentation is about to expire.

Role-based access

The administrator can enable the application for pupils and club members to see their data at any time. It allows deciding on what users can or cannot access.


It builds hour certificates and more than 60 reports which provide you the management information you need.

Up to date

The application updates automatically as soon as a new version is released

Documents for local authority

It generates official forms to communicate with the local air traffic administration. They can be suited to your local authority requirements.

Periodic charges

Track periodic charges such as membership or hangar fees.

Export flights to excel

An option which is available in aircraft and pilot forms to obtain an Excel file at any time.


It is currently running in English, Castilian, Catalan, French, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish. Other languages can be easily added.

ATO(*)Adds a complex set of tools to ensure a right planning for flight and theory classes.
Pilots, instructors and professors send their availabilities for the planning staff to know who is available for a flight or theory class at any time.
Everyone involved in the planning receives a message or an Outlook date with the assignements for the week. They can also use their mobile device to access the planning window.
This rate includes two mobile users.


Specially designed graphical user interface for flight and theory class planning.

It always suits you

This is not a closed application.
We can always suit it to your needs. Let's talk about it!

Up-to-date information

Pilots, instructors, professors and pupils have at their disposal up-to-date information about their flights and theory classes.


User-configurable syllabus with up to four detail levels.


Automatic notifications to everyone involved in planning. Messaging system with automatic receipt acknowledgement.

Theory hours report

A report summarizes the percentage of attended theory classes per pupil, grouped by subject.


Pupils send in their availabilities from their mobile devices, for the planning stuff to have all data at disposal when performing the planning for the next week.

OACI Annex 16b

The planning window issues a warning when a conflict is detected with requirements for rest and duty times of technical staff.

Google calendar

Notifications can be sent as Google Calendar dates to all users involved in the planning

PremiumWhile Basic and Pro rates share the same processor in the cloud, Premium rate assigns one processor to the school.
This is convenient when the data traffic increases due to the number of users.
This rate includes unlimited mobile users.

Dedicated server

For a better performance on data access. Very convenient or often essential when data traffic gets high due to the number of users or information volume.
In the lower rate, all customers share the same CPU.

Instructor and staff planning

It provides a convenient way to manage instructors and staff availability. Integrated with the planning window.



Debit or credit pilot invoicing.