Rates are in euros per month. Payable in advance.
Dedicated server: For a better performance on data access. Very convenient or often essential when data traffic gets high due to the number of users or information volume.
In the lower rate, all customers share the same CPU.
Accessible from anywhere: Users can access ATO Explorer from any smartphone, incuding iPhone, using the web browser.
Accounting: It automatically maintains pilot balance accounts just by entering the flights performed.
Log books: All pilot and aircraft flights are logged, and are always accessible to users
Role-based access: The administrator can enable the application for pupils and club members to see their data at any time. It allows deciding on what users can or cannot access.
Certificates and reports: It builds hour certificates, customised documents and more that 60 reports
Documents for local authority: It generates official forms to communicate with the local air traffic administration. They can be suited to your local authority requirements.
Periodic charges: Track periodic charges such as membership or hangar fees.
Export flights to excel: An option which is available in aircraft and pilot forms to obtain an Excel file at any time.
WebApp level 0: Gives WebApp access to the user's own data.
Free of charge WebApp licences included:
WebApp level 1: The straightforward access to the application from mobile devices limited only by role permissions.
Free of charge WebApp licences included:
SMS Reports / Pilot activity: OACI Reports about flight rest and duty times regulations (Annex 16B)LimitedUnlimited
Planning: Specially designed graphical user interface for flight and theory class planning.
Syllabus: User-configurable syllabus with up to four detail levels.
Messaging: Automatic notifications to everyone involved in planning. Messaging system with automatic receipt acknowledgement.
Google calendar: Notifications can be sent as Google Calendar dates to all users involved in the planning
Maintenance requests: This feature helps on tracking maintenance requests since they are originated until the issue gets solved.
Instructor and staff planning: It provides a convenient way to manage instructors and staff availability. Integrated with the planning window.
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(*) This rate is granted only to small ATOs, for a first year, in the understanding that after the initial period, the rate will change to Premium.

Other services


We are always listening our customers for suggestions about improving ATO Explorer. Let us know your idea. If it applies to the majority of clubs, it will be implemented for free.
Otherwise, we still can talk about it!. Ask for a quotation, and we'll do our best to fulfill your needs.
WebApp level 0

It gives access to the user's own information via WebApp. Its price is 24€/year.
It is understood that the WebApp licence will be enabled while the school licence is current on payment. In any case there will be no refunds.
No multi-user accounts allowed.
WebApp level 1

ATO Explorer WebApp grants a quick access to the information from mobile devices
The administrator has free access to the WebApp level 1.
Other users can get it for 55€/year.
It is understood that the WebApp licence will be enabled while the school licence is current on payment. In any case there will be no refunds.
No multi-user accounts allowed.
Additional processors and bandwidth

Increasing the number of processors and the bandwidth speeds up the response time. The rate for this upgrade service varies from 80€ to 120€/month. Available to Premium rate users only.

As any other tool, it requires some time to really master it. We offer you a 6h customised course in your premises to get the most of ATO Explorer. Its price of 600€ does not include travel expenses.
Data restoration

15 days after the expiration date of the last period contracted, and having no notice about our customer willing to continue using the service, data is deleted and destroyed. If the customer then decides to keep on using the service, we'll charge 250€ to restore the data as it was left the last day the customer logged in.
Data migration

New to ATO Explorer?
Is your data already in electronic format?
Ask for a quotation on data migration! We can save you a lot of work!
Additional backups

Premium users can ask for a copy of their database at any time. Price of the copy is 35€
Data retrieval

If you need your data in a format other than the one supplied by ATO Explorer, it is necessary to build a definition of the data and send it to Catalansoft.
After that, we can evalueate the cost for it and we'll send you a quote. If approved and reimboursed, we'll send a copy of the data in the specified format.